Life of Guruji

Guruji, a spiritual master of the Himalayas was born in Vrindavan. He grew up strongly influenced by the life and teachings of many saints. He started studying Vedanta from a very early age. Guruji presents Vedanta as a contemporary science of life, vitally important in the modern world. Having studied the scriptures, Guruji’s persona is a pure reflection of that wisdom.

People are attracted to his discourses due to the significance and simplicity of his words. He presents the most profound and complex thoughts in a simple and easy to understand way. He has spent  most part of his life in the service of humanity by bringing about a transformation not just in the health of people but also in their thinking and subsequently in their lives. He enjoys answering questions of all types be they related to a householder’s challenging personal situation or a soul related query of a seeker. He can be seen teaching Aparokshanubhuti, Bhagawad Gita or Upanishads under the star lit sky. It’s a scene from paradise and a rare one in Kaliyuga where material pursuits have consumed the time and attention of most people. Read the book atleast 108 times he recommends to every seeker to be able to understand its subtleties.    

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